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Support women on their journey toward recovery

Your gift creates a safe, supportive environment for mothers and their children.

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Project Hope for Women & Children is designed specifically to address the needs of women ready to overcome substance use disorder by offering them a path to healing, hope and a brighter tomorrow. Many of our clients face unique challenges, including trauma, domestic violence and societal stigma.

Your support is crucial because it allows us to:

  1. Provide Comprehensive Treatment: Your donation helps us offer evidence-based therapies, counseling and medical care tailored to the needs of women, ensuring they receive the best possible care during their recovery journey.
  2. Create Safe and Nurturing Spaces: We maintain a welcoming and secure environment that allows women to focus on their recovery without fear or judgment.
  3. Offer Holistic Support: Beyond medical treatment, we provide holistic services that encompass mental health, vocational training, parenting skills and more to address the complex challenges women face during recovery.
  4. Empower Women: Your contribution supports programs that build self-esteem, self-worth and resilience, empowering women to take control of their lives.
  5. Break the Cycle: Your donation helps us break the cycle of addiction within families, ensuring a brighter future for the next generation.